Disaster Recovery Group and Tree Service, Inc

556 Long Shoals Rd. Arden NC 28704 ~ Tel. 828-684-3961 ~ Fax 828-681-2946

About Us
  • President-CEO:  Aixa Vazquez

Mrs. Vazquez founded Disaster Recovery Group, Inc. in 2003 with a small personal financial investment, her experience as an Assistant Project Manager and as an Assistant Human Resources Director in the Disaster Emergency industry.  Under her careful management, and without any outside investment, the company has evolved to become the prestigious and well known Disaster Recovery Group, Inc.  The tremendous growth experienced by this company has provided the opportunity to work all over the continental United States.  With only three years in business and Mrs. Vazquez’s management, projects were performed in eight states and total annual revenues exceeded $10,000,000.00.


Mrs. Vazquez is responsible of developing and maintaining a source list of small disadvantaged and women-owned small business concerns.  Sources used are the Small Business Administration’s Procurement Automated Source System (PASD), the National Minority Purchasing Council Vendor Information Service, and Minority Business Development Agency, US Department of Commerce, Local Minority Business Development Centers, Economic Development Centers, and National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development.

Assuring the conclusion of small disadvantaged, and women-owned small business concerns in all solicitations for products or services which they are capable of providing; and ensuring that all solicitations are structured to permit the maximum possible participation by small disadvantaged and women-owned small business concerns.

Establishing and maintaining records of all subcontract awards to ensure appropriate documentation of non-selection of bids submitted by a small disadvantage business, or women-owned small business concerns.

Preparing and submitting the Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts (SF 294) and Summary Subcontract Report (SF 295) in accordance with instructions provided, and coordinating and preparing for all compliance reviews by Federal agencies.

Promoting activities necessary to further the intent of the subcontracting plan.

  • Senior Project Manager, Senior Estimator and Field Operations Director:  Rickey McElrath

 Mr. McElrath has over twenty-five years experience in the construction industry and over ten years experience of site management experience.  As a Field Operations Manager, Mr. McElrath is responsible for overall management, supervising the field projects, including operations, organization, planning and scheduling in order to complete the job on time within budget and the quality specified.    Such responsibilities include:  site and equipment set up, personnel training, project planning and scheduling, equipment operation, preventive maintenance, and management of personnel and subcontractors assigned to the hauling area.   Mr. McElrath also is responsible for monitoring the project progress daily and report weekly the projects requirements.


  • Office Manager:  Janet Burnette

Mrs. Burnette is responsible for overall home office support.  She has two year’s experience with DRG.  She is responsible for data input, invoice reconciliation, and various office routines.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from UNC-A.

  • Area Operations Manager:  Jerry Burnette

Mr. Burnette has the responsibility of debris segregation, collection and hauling operations.  He is responsible for enforcing safety requirements and supervising crew activities, individual performance and production.  He has five years experience in this profession and has been with DRG since its inception.

  •  Zone Operation Manager:  Chris Fritz

 Mr. Fritz has the primary responsibility to ensure crew assignments are completed to the satisfaction of the client prior to assignment of additional area(s).  Mr. Fritz is responsible for daily reports which include work location and contract information, daily and cumulative equipment hours, daily and cumulative man-hours, and daily and cumulative cubic years collected per assigned area within his work area.  Mr. Fritz has been with DRG for two years. 

  • Field Supervisor:  Randy Norton

Mr. Norton has been with DRG for two years.  His responsibilities include supervision of the crews to ensure work tasks are completed as instructed by the Field Supervisor.

  • Reduction Site Manager:  Ron Arrowood

Ten years experience in equipment operation and over three years with DRG.

  • Equipment Manager:  Carroll T. King
Three years experience in equipment operation, maintenance and repair.



 DRG owns a variety of equipment including six Bobcats, one mulcher, one telehandler, two trackhoes, one dozer, one feller buncher, three knuckleboom self loaders, one low boy equipment trailer, three dump trucks, three tub grinders, one box truck, one tractor with hydraulics, four bucket trucks, one service truck with crane, five pickup trucks, and an assortment of chain saws.  This support equipment coupled with a knowledgeable staff allows DRG to mobilize and be on site within twenty-four to forty eight hours of contract award.